Single-stage reusable rocket fuel on the unitary-1

Single-stage reusable rocket fuel on the unitary-1

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This is a continuation of previous themes:
single-stage reusable rocket fuel on unitary

Before I address the issues clear up some data structures launcher.

"Incomprehensible several problems:
-Combustion inside the cylinder (or frozen as in hybrid engines plexiglass) is uneven ...
The advantage of frozen-oxidant-fuel ...
-How to fix Laval nozzle - if vmorozhuvaty - then ...
-How to change the traction ...
-How much can cost the original work?
-How much will it cost, Precision not exactly put into orbit the moon 6 kg payload?
-How long this launcher build?
-Like. "

Here I will explain in detail and illustrate design - single-stage reusable launch vehicle for unitary fuel.

The first design was created by me for theme Prize Ansari X, where X Prize Foundation offer US $ 10.000.000 prize for the first non-governmental organization to launch reusable manned spacecraft into space twice within two weeks.

While walking time award winning Burt Rutan with its orbital plane.

Such a design team, production facilities, funding, experience, I have not created. So I set out to find the following design ideas and solutions that provide:
-The simplest design, where fewer parts, moving parts
-Any technology or components borrowed from the government space ... 0%BE%D0%B4
-All components of the structure of industrial production, you can buy them in a store, order, or make
-Possibly no aggressive, cryogenic, poisonous, explosive components
-Reliably, even if it is worse specifications
-Can gradually test and verify technical solutions
-Perspective - not only to win another X-prize, but have significant reserves designs for future long-term commercial exploitation
-Not to have scarce components - all part designs can be purchased anywhere, worldwide
-Avoid conservative thinking
To seek new approaches
-Consider missile technology control regime ... ent&Lang=U

Such is not the one I want. Internet is full of different structures, especially hybrid rocket engines, and enthusiasts: ... ocket.html

One time I thought suggested above project and others like him, is extremely promising. However, problems with the solid rocket motor was forced to abandon it. For this reason, rejected hybrid rocket motors.

Remains liquid rocket engines. Typically it dvokomponentnaya. Can it be easier?
You can!
Make it not two-component and single-component, the unitary rocket fuel. However, this fuel is explosive:

Is it possible to make it sparking? What substances should be applied?
You can!
Recent studies suggest that such substances may be composition, such as urea CO (NH2) 2 as fuel and ammonium nitrate NH4NO3 as an oxidant in aqueous solution. During this energy release composition of substances close to pyroxylin powder.

This unitary rocket fuel, based on a water explosion proof, cheap, not scarce, non-toxic.
So, the problem with the fuel issue. And what about the liquid rocket engine? It is much more difficult and expensive. Can it be easier?

You can!

Using unitary rocket fuel, whose base is water, and that gives relatively low temperature combustion, allows for a new approach to the problem of combining Turbopump and combustion chamber. Connect them into one, as turbojet engine.

Where instead of air is unitary rocket fuel, the basis of which is water. For use in a real engine does not necessarily look for and buy turbojet engine. In serial samples of industrial automotive engine turbocharging technology worked well. This turbocharger turbine is ideal for creating NGO liquid rocket engine propellant unitary basis of which is water.

Do I need to do a multi-launcher? Is it possible to simplify?
You can!
To do this, Unitary rocket fuel, the basis of which is water frozen into a long cylinder. Then the tanks for fuel (and their overweight) are required.

Key components of the rocket from the top down:
- Payload
- Frozen cylinder unitary fuel, based on a water
- Devices defrost unitary fuel, based on a water to the condition of fluids
-rocket engine based on serial turbocharger turbine car engine.

Ice frozen cylinder unitary fuel, based on a water solid. It can withstand all loads during the withdrawal of payload into orbit. Ice frozen cylinder fuel unitary basis of which is water, does not need walls compartment for storing fuel and oxidizer. This liquid rocket engine can be repeatedly turned on and off in zero gravity and in a vacuum.

Cylinder gradually during in orbit, orbital maneuvers, landing on the moon, is reduced to zero - a unique feature of the proposed design!

This means that the rocket with liquid rocket engine on the frozen cylinder unitary fuel, based on a water rises to the Earth's orbit.
The same goes for engine flight path to the moon.
The same engine adjusts course and landing on the moon.
The same engine and transmission after prymisyachnennya first photos and videos, raises the device, and a low trajectory flight makes second landing 500 meters from the first.

It is the philosophy of simplicity - to create the least amount of systems in the shortest possible time. One device is the carrier rocket, spacecraft, lander and the Lunokhod.

In previous studies, experiments, you must create a rocket-model flights which have confirmed the correctness of the concept. The cost of 50,000 euros.

What is the value of the real sample?

"Built AD-1 for a total contract cost $ 239.000. By this time, the aviation industry does not believe that it was possible to design and build a manned, variable-geometry wings, with two turbojet engines research aircraft, less than a few million dollars - said Bert Rutan in 1979. "

This is an example of aviation.
In rocketry, the proposed concept of a single-stage reusable launch vehicle for unitary fuel, the cost of real sample will be roughly in that range.

Time research and development work, together with the construction of real sample - less than a year.

Portal invites interested partners own views on the concept of a single-stage reusable rocket fuel on unitary
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