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Looks like I'm finally going to get all the great information, documentation and all the real work that has been done by Team Prometheus over the past three years up! In one place where everybody can see what we have really been doing! We have had a serious drawback in this area for the entire project. No-one wants to really do the documentation I have tried several times with various webmasters and they all want to get paid as soon as they make a pretty site! This is a non-profit outfit! Your not going to get paid Duh! So anyway I'm doing it myself as I cant get anyone that will actually do it.
The new website will be where you find out all the new stuff we are doing at LDRS and BALLS this year. NSE-6 is ready to go and as soon as we do that it will be put up on the site as well. During this null while I'm waiting on other teams and people to do their thing I'm getting the new site done. I've got about half of the photo's and videos up! And will soon start the documentation process.

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