overdue update

overdue update

Postby cpooley » Sun Jan 23, 2011 5:15 pm

Update: I have almost completed the relocation to Las Vegas--just some of the remaining books etc to come from the Mojave CA location,
230 miles away.

Shortly I will set up a Nevada corporation, find partner to lease an industrial building (lots to choose from here), do some local networking to
find at least 2 hands-on team members. Now for both this and the new $2 million NASA Nanosat Challenge.

Wed Jan 26 I will be attending an all day seminar by FAA on US licensing, to help continue ongoing contact with FAA, get more detailed
understanding of requirements, timetables for doing that etc.

It was never going to be possible to do N Prize work or NASA Challenge at Mojave, the "first US spaceport", because their license does not
provide for unmanned vertical launch--only manned rocket planes like those of XCOR and Spaceship 1 and 2.

As of now, Location-1 will be a shop in Las Vegas where the hardware is built, engines static tested; Location-2 at one of 2 nearby dry lakes
where lift-off tests to 1000 feet will be done; Location-3, probably Black Rock Nevada where full performance tests of first stage to 100 km
can be done.

Location-4 will probably be at east coast of US, on a beach or offshore (the launcher it to be able to sit on unprepared ground or on a spar
buoy, to be taken out in a 40-50 foot boat.

I have rejoined Mensa, will start up a Special Interest Group (SIG), probably "Rocket Science", to help network, seek motivated participants.
Through Mensa, am already in contact with a possible writer for print articles.

With the easier incorporation rules in Nevada, I can set up separate corporations for a Cubesat launch service using a planned production
run of 100 launchers from the NASA Challenge, and an escape velocity cremated remains sample launch service (google "celestis").

hese have venture capital possibility, as they are one step paths to ROI, while Microlaunchers development is not direct.

My email is going to stray the same, but may also get a gmail account.
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