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I am in the process of relocating to Las Vegas Nevada because of the isolation in Mojave California and the poor business climate here--many business are moving out of California and more are not even starting here.

As soon as I reach the status of legal Nevada resident, I will incorporate Microlaunchers at a company address in Henderson, just south of Las Vegas. This will be the "Location-1" mentioned in the April 2009 presentation at teh Space Access Society in Phoenix Arizona: .

Location-2 will be at either of 2 dry lakes, each about 40 miles from LV. Location-3 is still expected to be Black Rock in northern Nevada.

A recent development is that one of next year's NASA Challenges is to offer $2 million in prizes for launch of a 1 Kg satellite twice in a week. ... index.html

The original design of entry level "ML-1" was to be able to do that. The N Prize is to use a preliminary slightly smaller "ML-N".

As both will have commonality in hardware parts, be very similar, and use the same infrastructure, overhead costs, it will cost little more to plan on both, with N Prize preceding the larger one.

By later this year, when the organization which will manage the prize (X Prize Foundation, sponsored by Northrup managed the Lunar Lander Challenge which ran from 2006 to 2009), the level of publicity should increase and that may enable wider attention to both this and the N Prize. The larger amount of prize money should also improve the chances of attracting sponsors, angel investors.

Las Vegas again: I'm presently very busy with the moving operation, but after will remake the website, with more emphasis on near term opportunities possible with the advent of launch means for the growing list of Cubesats waiting for launch, space burials, other end uses of a developed launch means.
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