2012 and beyond

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2012 and beyond

Postby pauldear » Fri May 04, 2012 7:07 pm

Hi everyone,

The 2012 deadline is creeping up, and there was some discussion on the Space Fellowship forum as to what would happen if the prize (or rather, prizes) remained unclaimed by that time. I also appreciate that teams who do not feel they can make the 2012 deadline are in limbo, and unsure whether to continue.

So, I have decided that if either (or both) of the prizes remain unclaimed by the current 2012 deadline, there will be a second, and final extension of exactly one calendar year. During this final year, the N-Prize will be closed to new teams, but those teams registered by the 2012 deadline will remain eligible.

I hope that this keeps some teams on board, without reducing the sense of urgency of other teams who are still aiming for the 2012 deadline. I have received an email from one team setting a launch date at the end of July 2012, but they have not yet told me if it is OK for me to announce details; as soon as they get back to me (and assuming that they are happy for me to do so), I'll tell you more. I also have to clarify a number of details with them, such as their tracking proposal. You will also be aware of the progress of other teams, some of which are aiming for the 2012 deadline. Remember, each prize is a first-past-the-post competition, so the extension should not be a cause to relax!

I'm hoping to be at least £9,999.99 poorer in the next few months.

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Re: 2012 and beyond

Postby rick m » Thu May 10, 2012 10:23 pm

Hi Paul,

Maybe we should register just in case. We are working on a larger orbital vehicle (just finished the orbital insertion motor yesterday) but had a set back on another project with the Sugar Shot to Space this past Saturday


Next motor test at the end of the month for still another project (from what I received from Huntsville) and waiting to hear from ATK on another.

Offer is still out there if no one is able to complete the prize by the 'final' deadline we would like to join forces with others that have stuff completed and go into space for this challenge even if we don't make you 99 poorer. Sort of a 'ULA' of the N-Prize ( :

Hard work is good for you, try it.
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