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Not forgotten you all!!
So what have we done recently?

Well last weekend we wandered into deepest darkest Somerset and after a few pints of local cider :mrgreen: and then dinner and some wine, we completely forgot about the N-Prize and decided to focus on taking over the world. First port of call was the local pet shop to find a nice white cat (I hate cats but its essential). SANEAlex keeps warning us that we are not allowed but thats okay (I have a contract out on him already, just don't tell him) :twisted:

The next day involved some hangover recovery, brain storming and web site development (which you can't see yet cos its a secret so there! :P ) and a general round of apple sauce for SANEAlex who has been very busy.
We met up with our engineer (who we have named Dave) who told us that we could sod off, then made a good attempt to understand the plan, did a few sketches and pointed out something which we agreed on and then agreed to do some pretty pictures for us. There was also talk of custard and morris dancing but I'm fairly sure this is unrelated. How explosive is custard powder?

Over the last week, I've sent a few emails and am making some progress but because its administration, its very slow.

We should be playing with some materials in the next month and won't report the results.....lack of fingers make typing difficult you see.....
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